Writing in a Digital World

The digital revolution has had as much effect on communication and the written word as printing did. It has changed everything, including education and the nature of knowledge.

So how does this affect us authors?

First of all, it means that we can all be heard, providing we understand the vagaries of the social media we traverse.

Secondly it means that we are unlikely to be heard, unless we meet the precise requirements of a group of people who agree with our opinions.  Because one of the interesting and slightly worrying aspects of writing in the digital world is that we are not really seeking information any more. we are looking for someone like us, who agrees with us.

And there are sharks out there, who use that desire to find a group in order to meet their own agenda. I as a writer and blogger have encountered pure hatred and aggression from those who do not agree with me. I have never encountered such hatred in the real, only in the virtual. and these bullies have countless followers, who I believe only really want to belong, to add likes to their leaders opinions and to feel that they have something to defend.

So what happens if we do not follow the opinions of the herd? What happens if we want to express something which does not follow society’s norms? This used to the be the province of the artist and writer. They were the ones who said the things that did not want to be heard, and to express minority opinions.

This is not longer the writer’s province, no unless they want to face the vitriol of the troll.

As a result most of the creatives spend time spouting  bland and non controversial opinions, or providing an outlet for vociferous and angry minorities who have hijacked swathes of the virtual and are defending it against all comers.

I do not think, at least I hope, that this will not last. After all the virtual is vast. There is room for everyone, and I feel a little concerned for the bandits travelling the virtual wastes seeking out the hapless with unusual opinions and driving them into the wastes, and in some cases, to suicide in the real.

The aim of Street Publishing is not to charge anyone for publishing their books, but to provide assistance in the publishing process.

There are a few things to note about this:

  • It is easy, really easy, do not anyone tell you different. there is nothing to publishing using Amazon Kindle.
  • It is not going to cost anything to get advice on what to do. Most of it is already available on Kindle anyway. I would just help you find the right places to look.
  • The difficult part of publishing is to be creative and to write what you want to write, in a way that is clear.
  • It is not a money making venture.  I do not believe you will make money from being a self publishing author. If you think you are going to become rich doing this then I am not sure Street publishing is the way forward. You had better go to the hyper agents. We do not really hype books here. You have to do that your self.
  • If you want to create you own company, I can help you to do that too.  I had a lot of problems starting this venture and I can help you avoid them.


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