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What is the theory of multiple universes?


There are several things which we need to understand when considering the idea of multiple coexisting universes.

Firstly, there can be multiple universes in a the same time space continuum. and the can co-exist in harmony.

Secondly, the idea of a universe is an abstract construct with strong connection to the real world. there are multiple universes around us, held together by common dimensional boundaries.

The theory of universes has only come to importance as we construct virtual representations of real world universe in virtual; space. universes are defined by a set of dimensions. at this point we only consider real-world universes, because this shows easily how they can co-exist.

The boundaries of a universe depend on specified dimensions.

Dimensions in the Real

There are a minimum of three dimensions in the real.

We need to understand the real universe in order to manage virtual universes. This is because we manipulate the virtual universe as a subset of our real universe.

For now at least.

While we are alive we inhabit a shared ‘real’ universe – this one, which we can see, feel and touch. This universe is not flat and operates across many dimensions. The real world is too complex for us to manage at a time so in order to make it easy for ourselves to understand the objects in our universe we break the vast universe we live in into universettes.

Each of these has its own dimensions, rules and codes. But all of them share the same minimum dimensions.


We cannot really move outside our time constraints as time moves outside our control.


We are born into a group and we can move into and out of different groups within a degree of freedom. Thus we can change our social status and background to a certain degree.

For example, I may, as an English female, change my nationality, become a millionaire, change my gender, and become an actress, but it is less likely that I can make myself president of the united States, still less likely that I can make myself president of Russia.


We have a certain degree of freedom as to our location. Again, I may be able to travel to Australia, it might be less easy for me to travel to North Korea, and it is still less likely that I will easily be able to travel to Mars.

We travel along these dimension in the real, we cannot easily move outside them.

There are a few extra elements in a universe which make us humans capable of navigating the real very effectively.


When travelling through the real, humans generally use history data to recognised objects and navigate around them. So just as an example, when we see a table, we know that it is possible to navigate around it, and what its use is. We know the properties and functions of a table.

History does not just work as a notion of things past, but also as a notion of things future. Once I understand the concept of tables, I can recognise future tables and work with that concept in many different ways.


Relativity is a bit of a misnomer, but it is better than the word relationships because as humans the word relationships holds a lot of emotional content. However, it is important to understand that we make logical relationships between all the dimensions that we have available.

Relations are the logical glue which hold our universes together. There are several different types of relationship connections:

  • Time Relations:  before after, next future, future specific, future indefinite etc.
  • Location relations: in on under next to specific distance away behind or indefinite distance etc.
  • Group Relations: group, family, culture, alien, one of, none of, change of status, familiar, unfamiliar, unknown, etc.

Together these relational connections allow us to make yet another element of the real which is Story.


Story is the way that we put all of the real together with ourselves at the centre. It is a key to our identity. We each have our own story,  such as that we had a bad time at a certain club and have no wish to return there, or that a certain person was nasty to us. We also have larger stories, such as a family story, of how our family came to be living in England, or our cultural story, our religious story, or our national story. These are taught to us from an early age and become part of our identity story.

With these basic notions we are able to build up an internal world where we can fantasise and dream. and it has been like that for thousands of years.

But just recently we can do a lot more than create conceptual universes, stories fantasies and dreams.  We can create whole virtual worlds.

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