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The Virtual and the Real

The Virtual and the Real

The Real:

The real universe is the one into which we are born. It is clearly delimited by a set of delimited dimensions as follows:

  • time
  • Location
  • Group
  • Relativity
  • Story

These are described in detail in my blog dimensions in the Real 

Why are these elements of our universe important?

They are important because we have an huge opportunity in  this day, to create alternate universes. We can create parallel universes, which mirror our own and predict our future actions extremely effectively. We can have alternative universes where we can achieve things which are entirely beyond us in the real.

For example: I mentioned becoming the president of the US earlier, or the president of Russia. Both of these roles are available to use in the virtual universe. We can create a universette where we undertake these roles. Anything is possible in the virtual. But it would be unlikely to impossible in eh real.

The Real Universe and its connection to the Virtual Universe

The virtual universe is quite different to the real. It can contain any kind of variables and it can be defined in multiple ways. We  can create any kind of universe we like, and indeed there may already be multiple universes in the virtual that we are completely unaware of.

However, as humans, we can only really understand a virtual universe if it contains time location and group  variables.

The best way to show this is to consider computer games, which are all virtual universes. They mostly have strictly defined time constraints. If they move backwards and forwards in time it is hard for us, as users, to keep up with the game. If the location also moves, it is still harder. If we also randomly change the group variable, the game may become impossible.

The thing that we need to understand is that most humans can operate on a limited number of dimensions. To the time group and location we can add history and an imagined future.

Now unlike our real universe, the virtual universe can be made up of multiple dimensions.

It can be anything at all.


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