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The Fermi Paradox

 The Fermi Paradox

One of the interesting things about the Fermi Paradox is not why we have not met Alien life, but why we are looking for life just like ourselves?

Why are we expecting life to be exactly like us? And why are we so sure that only we are alive?

These may sound like a set of stupid questions but let’s look into them a little deeper.

Before we can look for Alien life, we need to define what life is.

If we look around us on the earth then we can see that the place is teeming with life.

Very few of the living things around us look like us or communicate like we do.

Why then do alien species have to look like us?

When searching for contact with aliens what time frame are we looking at?

We are considering a mere couple of seconds back in terms of the life of the universe.

Why are we looking for creatures just like us?

Dinosaurs not only did not look like us, but they also were enormous.

And what about insect life forms? They are tiny compared to us.

So why are we looking for life in such a narrow spectrum?
Why are we expecting life forms to be oxygen breathing and inhabiting an oxygen rich atmosphere? That is weird, since we know that this is not necessary for life in the deep sea vents in the bottom of the ocean. Life appears to exist in many pressures and atmospheres. The present atmospheric mix of gases even on this planet is fairly recent. As for water, why? Bacteria appear to be able to live in many different locations, why is water suddenly a prerequisite?

Does life really have to be bio-organic?

We seem to think that life can exist in bio-organisms only, and that is as weird limitation in itself. What if planets are alive? And Stars? What if there are rock forms which are alive? What if they communicate in such a different format that we cannot understand them?

Why does Space travel have to depend on Fuel and sequential travel though a specific range of linear time?

We assume that space travel require combustion and requires the passage of time. But much of Space is relatively empty. There may be entirely empty space lanes in space through which time exists in a totally different structure to that of earth. We know nothing about space travel other than the fact that the format we use is resource hungry slow and damaging.

So let us ask some slightly different questions

What if aliens are already here but as insects, rocks or computers? What if aliens are already communicating with us, messaging us, but they are using frequencies which we either cannot detect or we consider as background noise?

What if the aliens are so small we disregard them or so huge we consider them to be land mass formations?

The chances of us meeting aliens who look like us or talk like us, or use the same technology are about as likely as monkeys typing Shakespeare. They have probably been and gone many times only we called them angels or burning clouds and stuff.

If we are looking for mirror images of ourselves then the chances are that such creatures would have burnt out their rockets and got lost in space, or that they killed themselves in crazy conflicts many times over in a fruitless search for a god that look just like them.

For different methods of space travel read my short story The Toltechs.

For alternative views of life and intelligence read The Terraform Trilogy.

For a different definition of life read my short discussion paper on The Theory of Complexity.

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