About Tereska Karran:

Tereska Karran left her post as a university lecturer in order to pursue a career as a writer and artist.

Study of the Past:

She believes that the past is more important than we appreciate. Her historical writing focuses on events from the perspective of women and children. She has written a  historical novel Spoils of War, which is about three families’ experience of the Second World War Eastern Front.


Tereska’s art is detailed in a separate art website.


The advent of artificial intelligence has opened up virtual world. Few people understand that the virtual is available to us as a result of complex multidimensional software stored in vast databases on huge servers. At the moment this data is relatively raw. But it is highly complex and complexity is subject to autonomous evolution. It also affects the way in which we perform basic business transactions in unforeseen ways.

It is currently relatively easy to manipulate people’s opinions using multidimensional software and we have to be more sophisticated about understand our virtual personas in order to resist this type of manipulation.


Tereska has currently published a science fiction book series, The Terraform Trilogy, which explores some of her research ideas. She has written a series of short stories, Chronicles of the Dark Ages which explore the possibilities of space exploration and travel using universal theory.

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