The Toltechs


The Toltechs

Toltechs covers space travel based on the theory of universes. The  Chronicles of the Dark Ages are short stories covering elements of universe theory in a light-hearted way.

About the Toltechs

The Toltechs describes the Dark Ages after the initial success of space colonisation. The Pota are a powerful religious sect who make money from gambling and prostitution. This influential sect fund expensive archaeological digs. While this is a good thing, it means they can use products from the digs to further their own religious agenda.

Inspiration for the Story

The story was inspired by a book  in the British Museum shop called The Timechart of Biblical History.  It covers the history of the world, starting with creation of the universe, including Adam and Eve within seven days, and other fascinating snippets. Several fundamentalist sects take religious tours of the British Museum. They cover epic topics such as the Tower of Babel, which reached to heaven, and the images of Abraham and Moses.

The Planet of Nirvana and Titan

The Planet of Nirvana broadly corresponds to Titan, one of the inhabitable moons of Saturn.

Space Travel and the Theory of Universes

The Chronicles of the Dark Ages explore potential, imaginary and created universes. The theory behind space travel used in this story is described in more detail in Tereska’s blog on Universes.


Toltechs is a short story about space travel based on the theory of universe.

It is one of the chronicles of the Dark Ages which take a light-hearted view of several aspects of the theory of universe.