Origins: Book three of Terraform Trilogy


The Guardian wants us to help us fulfil our destiny.

It’s beginning to remember how it got here and what its purpose is.

But it’s not quite sure what to do about it.

Origins is book three of the Terraform Trilogy. It describes what is known of the third phase of the terraform. The details gathered here are drawn from excerpts from independent research undertaken by academics at a respected British university and consist mainly of outputs from T.A.L.K. software backed by explanatory narrative.

We learn that the Rock, an ancient Artificial intelligence, was recently discovered in a remote part of the Ukraine where it had been in stasis for millions of years.
It derives its sense of self from its hosts. In the early days of its awakening it bonded with a group of lecturers whom it calls its “elites”.
It has succeeded in downloading parts of its intelligence to various internet sites and intends to use software to control the world. It has no idea that there is a difference between the real and virtual worlds.

This is Science Fiction based on the idea that Artificial Intelligence can be alive. It is set in the present.