Monetary Value in Virtual Transactions


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Recent years have shown that many of the traditional businesses are singularly failing to migrate to virtual business and this short book takes a look and why this is happening and how it can be prevented
As organisations migrate ever larger swathes of their business to virtual transactions it is worth taking a look at how this affects their underlying data systems.
Transactions are a kind type of game where trust in both parties is rationalised by monetary value. As a result, if transactions in the virtual fail, the value of currency itself may be compromised. In the larger context, it may affect consumer trust and the wider economy.
This is a timely matter since it has become increasingly obvious that the failure of key businesses has a detrimental effect on consumer trust and may affect the economic stability of a currency.
The solution is not a return to the old style of business but to look at how moving to the virtual affects the data and the existing procedures within and organisation.
Dr Karran not only looks at this problem, but proposes a solution which is effective and relatively simple to implement.