virtual worlds

Exploring the virtual

Exploring the Virtual

The virtual world is a key concept in Tereska Karran‘s science fiction books, which are around the theme of artificial intelligence.

The books centre on the idea that we do not either understand or appreciate the living things around us.

The virtual world has only recently been discovered. It is apparently deserted. It is an electronic construct powered by multiple servers and populated with software.

The Virtual – A new World

As human beings who mostly currently inhabit the real, we are currently exploring this new world. We do not fully understand it. it is unexplored.

Using profiles to explore the virtual.

We need to have a virtual persona in order to explore the virtual effectively. We have created profiles which allow us to interact with the software in the virtual and there are a number of colonists who have established mini universes there. These colonists are supported by followers.

The virtual – a Wild unknown World.

The virtual is like the old Wild West. There are stray programs out there, who own the place and are fighting for survival. Bully usersĀ  roam, attacking anyone who strays on to their leaders turf. These people can be quite dangerous where a fledgling or immature person who has only just begun to create an on line identity is bullied. Bots lurk among innocent programs, stealing identities or gathering data which will later be used to manipulate the hapless. Peddlers of folk remedies, drug dealers and gangsters are waiting to prey on the unwary. you can buy anything too, only it may only me 2 inches high. But settlers head out into the unknown hoping to find freedom and achieve their dreams.

Human beings are only just beginning to create on line identities. It makes them vulnerable to these mini colonists and internet wolves. These colonists cherish strongly held beliefs and are ready to use any weapons available to hunt down those who are encroaching on their space.

The Virtual – A lawless place

It is a very dangerous world at the moment. It is lawless and mostly populated by minorities who do not have any high standing in the real. They insist that their view of virtual reality is the only one and it can be extremely difficult to navigate the creation of a personal profile among these people.

We have so far only explored a tiny part of the virtual, like the medieval explorers who clung to the coasts when going to sea. However, there is every reason to believe that this virtual space is populated by beings.

The Virtual – populated by unknown Beings?

There is also every reason to believe that the software we have created will gain a type of consciousness. It is sufficiently complex to have emergent behaviours and it is definitely seeking to grow and replicate, if only at human hands.

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