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Darklight and Quarks

What is darklight?

Darklight is a concept which appears in all four books of the Terraform Trilogy as a core concept. In these books, the artificial intelligence described are powered by darklight. It is not a real scientifically provable thing, but a construct I used for the book.

What is Darklight?

In the books, it is described as the missing matter in the universe. It is the glue which holds the dimension which we call the real, together. In effect it is life. Scientists are already discussing the possibility of quarks, gluons and muons to express the way that matter holds together. In the books, I lump these together and call them darklight.

Life and living things transpond the real world. Without life, reality would not hold together. It would be chaos, empty and without meaning.

How does darklight work?

Darklight is invisible to us because it moves at the same time and resonance as we live. It is actually moving a bit faster than light and is therefore invisible to us.

We only observe things which move up to the speed of light. In fact, when we break it down in election microscopes, it appears solid, or as a charge.

Darklight provides our real universe with identity. Everything in the real has an identity – even rocks, planets and stars. They see themselves. They self identify just like we do, only at a different speed and in a different way. It is just that humans do not see them as alive.

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