artificial intelligence

What is the Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis

The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis The cognitive tradeoff hypothesises that humans lost parts of their speed, reactivity and short term memory in order to develop co operative behaviour. The use of Language in the tradeoff among humans They did this by developing language. Language in turn supports taxonomically organised long term memory. On the basis of …

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What is Artificial Intelligence part Two

Artificial Intelligence Part Two Existing Artificial Intelligence Systems At the moment the artificial intelligence systems we are using are mimicking lower level life functions. Their biological equivalents are plankton. People are talking of the singularity as if it has not already happened. It has happened. Even the simplest artificial intelligences are sufficiently complex to show …

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virtual worlds

Exploring the virtual

Exploring the Virtual The virtual world is a key concept in Tereska Karran‘s science fiction books, which are around the theme of artificial intelligence. The books centre on the idea that we do not either understand or appreciate the living things around us. The virtual world has only recently been discovered. It is apparently deserted. …

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