Street Publishing is a digital publishing company.

Street Publishing ltd is an independent digital publishing company which aims to give geek authors a chance to shine. We are happy to take on new authors but first we have to like your work! Contact us if you are interested.

Publishing Novels and Short Stories

Street Publishing specialises in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and historical novels, including children’s books in this genre. We publish novels and short stories. we can help you with any aspect of self publishing but only if you need it. Self Publishing is not really difficult. The difficult aspects are finding editors, reading assistants and beta readers.

The physical process of publishing is not difficult although it is fiddly. The Kindle website is extremely helpful and we advise yo to start there. However if you have any difficulties then we are happy to help and advise once you are one of our authors.

Publishing Research and Medical innovation

We also publish research which contains interesting and worthwhile material.

We love medical stuff!

We can publish papers of around 50 pages and long research projects.

Publishing with us

we are more of a co operative than a commercial publishing company. they idea is that you become one of our authors. we help you in any aspect of the publishing process which you might find difficult. We are not aiming to charge large sums of money or even to make a profit really. The point is that there are a lot of sharks out there. We don’t want you the author to fall foul of them.

firstly, we would like to say that you should be able to self publish on your own. However you will need to obtain ISBNs through a publishing company. Also you may need to have a decent web site. that is ideally where we come in and help. otherwise, if you do need help or support we can provide.

There are several options with Street Publishing.

Send us your material and if we like it you can self publish, create your own covers and deal with all the palaver of printing. You can then use our company and we will do our best to promote the book under our ‘brand’. you will have an author space on our website and advice form us on what to do. This will cost £60 a year. This pays for hosting the website and towards the ongoing maintenance costs. you can buy ISBNs thorough us for the price of around £18, whatever the price is (we will show you the receipts so you don’t overpay.) If you have books which you wan to publish this way contact us.

Alternatively we can publish your material for you, and even edit it. The precise cost of these services is negotiable depending on what you want. Contact us.

You can talk to us. it doesn’t mean you have to commit to anything.

Digital publishing –  we are the future of publishing

Best of luck with your writing.

May the force be with you.